Our boutique, located in Edina MN, offers a wide range of styles and sizes (0-20). We search high and low for those brands that meet the function versus fashion conundrum head on – resulting in an impressive selection. There’s a little something here for everyone. Because we dress our clients throughout the year, for all aspects of their lives, you’ll find professional, casual, going out and even some special event options at Corset. Whether you’re in search of classic pieces that will stand the test of time or desire fashion forward finds that set you apart from the masses, we’ve got you covered at Corset Styling. New Product Arriving Weekly…VIEW EXAMPLES of Amazing Clothing, Jewelry, and Footware featured in our Boutique!



Supporting locally-owned, small, independent business women and their artistic dreams is a priority at Corset. We think their one-of-a-kind pieces are some of our best – completely unique and those “you won’t see this on everyone else” treasures. Small businesses need to stick together and these women are blazing some serious trails! We’re proud to be an outlet for them to share their talents with the world.

The color and shape of natural stones and glass inspire Lawrenz jewelry. The materials, whether they are handmade, recycled, or found, guide the designs. It is not only the jewelry components that inspire, but the process of bringing together unexpected components to construct a finished piece. With each new design, Lawrenz jewelry strives to create meaningful, beautiful jewelry that women want to wear every day. Designer: Heather Lawrenz

Urban Junket is a Minneapolis-based handbag design and distribution company. Founded in 2008 by Tracy Dyer, a former Best Buy marketing executive and road warrior who believes passionately that fashion and function shouldn’t have to be sacrificed for each other.  They aim to fill the unmet needs of busy women who love fashion and style, but still need to carry and organize their stuff in a functional way. The Urban Junket collections include Power Trips Rechargeable Bags, Utility Bags, Handcrafted Handbags, and Accessories.

These creations vary greatly from classic simplicity to an eclectic mix of fine metals and found objects. The challenge? To find the balance that will make the wearer fall in love at first sight with this jewelry! Designer: Jen Scheffler


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