If you’re short on time or hate to shop, Don’t fret:  we help you find your “core set” of go-to outfits: customized looks that work for your lifestyle. We provide insight into what is best for your body and why. Our team of professional stylists will work with you to customize an experience based on your needs and budget! 

Jodi Mayers offers emcee services for fashion shows and events such as the Annual Style Edina and Nite of Fall Fashions runway shows.   LEARN MORE ABOUT EMCEE SERVICES
. A professional stylist studies your style profile (filled out online) and pulls together looks prior to your appointment. Our stylists educate you on how best to mix and match garments for maximum return on your investment, as well as how to accessorize and choose items that are best for your body type.  LEARN MORE ABOUT IN STUDIO STYLING
Enjoy a 3-hour closet consultation, in the comfort of your home, with a dedicated Corset stylist. We help you breathe new life into your existing wardrobe by creating ready-to-go looks for work, play or a night out. We also provide advice and education on what styles and cuts work best for your body type and capture a list of additional items needed to round out your wardrobe. LEARN MORE ABOUT CLOSET CONSULTATIONS 
We offer a wide range of fashion programs available for any situation. Whether you’re in search of a 60-minute program for busy executive women, a casual luncheon, or a full on fashion show, we can help. Our Working Wardrobe Seminars, originally created for businesses and organizations, have been embraced by companies like General Mills, Wal-Mart Corporation, Super Valu, and the Minnesota Wild.  LEARN MORE ABOUT WARDROBE SEMINARS