Wardrobe Seminars For Businesses and Off-Site Fashion Events

The fashion consultants at Corset Styling offer a wide range of fashion programs available for any situation. Whether you’re in search of a 60-minute program for busy executive women, a casual luncheon, or a full on fashion show, we can help. Our Working Wardrobe Seminars, originally created for businesses and organizations, have been embraced by companies like General Mills, Wal-Mart Corporation, Super Valu, and the Minnesota Wild. It is designed to help women understand how important first impressions can be in one’s career. Personal style influences perceptions in the workplace, including how credible or competent people believe you to be.  These Working Wardrobe Seminars have morphed over time to meet a larger variety of requests.  Corset Styling is happy to customize your request to meet your need and your audience.  Whether you’re looking for tips on how to incorporate seasonal trends, desire styling advice, are interested in building a versatile, yet affordable wardrobe, or just want to exposure to the latest fashions, give us a call at 952-224-2495, or email fashion@corsetstyling.com.